Psychological Scientist

Dr. Julia Shaw is a memory hacker and psychological scientist in the Department of Law and Social Sciences at London South Bank University. She is best known for her work in the area of false memories - memories of things that never actually happened.

In 2016 she published her bestselling book "The Memory Illusion", which will appear in 14 languages. She is also a regular contributor to Scientific American and Der Spiegel.

Besides her teaching and research, she delivers business, legal, military, and police talks on preventing common memory mistakes, and making the most of our faulty memory. She also works with workplaces to ensure best practices for dealing with vulnerable populations.

Dr Shaw also consults regularly as an expert on legal cases, particularly cases involving historical allegations, and is on the board of the European Association of Psychology and Law.

Her work has been featured on TV, radio, in print, and online, including in outlets such as Discovery Channel, BBC, CNN World, Russia Today, New York Magazine, The Times, The Telegraph, NPR, The Daily Mail, Pour le Science, and The Sun.

Brief Biography

Dr. Julia Shaw