Dr. Julia Shaw

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Book and Publishing requests

If you would like to publish with Dr. Julia Shaw, please contact Kirsty McLachlan at David Goodwin Associates.

e: kirsty@davidgodwinassociates.co.uk

Speaking requests

For speaking requests, please contactAnnette Brüggemann

e: buero@agenturbrueggemann.de

General Contact

For all other queries, including requests for article proofs, consulting and expert work, professional training, research materials, or press requests, please contact Dr. Julia Shaw directly through the following form.

NOTE: I am a scientist, I am not a clinical psychologist or a medical doctor. I do not conduct therapy, I do not do research on case studies, and I am not available to see individuals for private memory consultations. If you are concerned about your memory, please contact a local medical practitioner. If you believe that you or someone you love has been wrongfully accused of a crime, please contact a lawyer.


Psychological Scientist