Dr. Julia Shaw

Psychological Scientist

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Talks & Workshops

Besides her teaching and research, Dr. Julia Shaw delivers talks, keynotes, workshops, and provides consulting on memory-related issues around the world. She works with the police and legal advisers as an expert witness for historical sexual abuse cases, she trains the the military on effective memory practices, and works with professional bodies to train them on how to optimize memory in the workplace.

Workshops and talks can be arranged and customized on request.

Upcoming Public Talks

  • New Scientist Festival, London.
  • Denkfest, Zürich, Switzerland.
  • Skeptics in the Pub, London.

Sample of Previous Public Talks

  • TEDx OPorto, Portugal.
  • Pathfinder, Berlin.
  • WIRED Next Generation conference, London.
  • TEDx BlackRockCity, Burning Man.
  • ‘Learning Technology Conference, London.
  • Old Bailey Lecture, Criminal Bar Association, London.
  • Bergen University, Bergen, Norway.
  • Ways with Words festival, Dartington, UK.
  • Biohacker Summit, Helsinki, Finland.
  • British Science Association Huxley Summit, London.
  • International Unversity Menendez Pelayo, Summer School, Spain.
  • Level up human: Science museum, London.
  • Beakerhead science festival, Calgary, Canada.
  • Rotman Research Institute, Toronto, Canada.
  • Women’s health day. Cologne, Germany.
  • Nerd Nite at Secret Garden Party, UK.
  • Digital Science, London
  • German Military (Bundeswehr: Dezernat Interkulturelle Einsatzberatung)

For list of conference talks, please view the Research page.

Workshop: Is memory just an illusion? (bespoke workshops available)
Is memory just an illusion? Can it be hacked? Dr Julia Shaw will take you on a trip through the various ways in which your brain deceives you into believing that you can reliably form memories - particularly memories of your life experiences. In a turbulent overview of the rich world of the science of our personal past, she will discuss the neurological, perpetual, and social aspects of memory illusions. By the end of it she'll have you questioning all your memories, and wondering whether you actually are who you think you are.