Dr Julia Shaw


Dylan Marriott, Daniel Nicolae, and Dr Julia Shaw are the cofounders of Spot.


The better way to report workplace harassment and discrimination. Based on memory science. Driven by artificial intelligence. Meet Spot.

What is Spot?

Spot is a Cognitive Interview bot that allows people to create a record of inappropriate workplace behaviour while it is fresh in their minds.

When people talk to Spot they can identify themselves or stay anonymous, cut out details they don’t want to share, and send a certified report from the Spot email address.

Spot helps to cultivate a more inclusive and respectful workplace environment.

Spot has been featured in international press, including:


Spot is a chatbot that helps employees track and report workplace harassment and discrimination. CNNMoney's Samuel Burke sits down with co-founder Julia Shaw to find out how a bot can help make your office safer.


Why I am passionate about this project

When we experience wrongdoing, be it harassment, discrimination, or a crime, remembering all the important details can be difficult and emotional. I want to help people with this process. This is why in 2017 I co-founded the start-up that created Spot.

As a scientist who specializes in memory and police interviewing, I understand the delicate nature of emotional events. Memories can weigh us down, taking up valuable head space. From my own research I also know that we can easily forget or misremember important details. Making a record soon after something happens can help prevent memory mistakes.

With my team of researchers, I have helped to create an interview that is based entirely on science. Using a technique called the Cognitive Interview, Spot asks the right questions, every time.

We have created Spot in a way that lets people clear their minds and keep their memories safe, by helping them to create useful, thorough, and reliable records of what happened.